When it comes to Logisitcs read rates are crucial!

We already talked about the importante of GTIN on a previous article – “What is the GTIN of a product and why is it so important”. However, today we are going to focus on the benefits of automation.

Logistics WMS is able to read the most used barcode types (1D/2D) according to GS1 standards and automatically fill in the information in the form.

video: LogisticsWMS | Inbound > Receiving

In case it is a barcode with multiple slots of information, Logistics WMS divides the information and correctly fills in the form immediately.

Each part of barcode has an identifier (IA) which helps to recognize each information and divide correctly.

Tip: Proper barcode scanners configuration is required!

Analyzing the previous example – video:




Main benefits:

  • Less typing errors
  • Work faster
  • More spare time for other activities
  • Better operational quality

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