Miguel Catela

Organized warehouse

Does a good putaway (really) make shipping better?

Put away is one of the most important processes to take into consideration when thinking on optimizing your shipping process. You should consider doing it well.

How to work smarter in logistics? Our vision!

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eCommerce | How to meet your customers’ expectations

One of the biggest challenges regarding the online selling is the customer experience.

Wave Picking | What is it and should I use it in my warehouse?

Wave picking is a methodology for organizing the picking orders inside a warehouse.

5 Things you can make to improve your Inbound Process

Let’s dig in the Inbound Process and figure out how it can be more efficient for YOU.

Trapped With Warehouse Zoning? Know Where To Start.

Every warehouse has its layout. But why shall a warehouse have multiple zones?

The perfect order metric | What is it and how is it measured?

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What is the GTIN of a product and why is it so important?

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What are the benefits of process integration?

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