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Today our post is a little more personal. It feels the right time to explain our vision on why Logistics WMS can make your logistics smarter and improve your company’s operational efficiency! 🚀

Back in 2018, my team and I were developing some tools for the B2B market. Tools to improve the digitization of companies. One day, our attention was brought out to the plant of a warehouse. We were blown away by the way people were working. It had to be a better way of working in a plant…

Logistics made by people for people

At LogisticsWMS we believe logistics is an activity made by people for people. The rise of ecommerce in the last couple of years showed us that people are willing to buy a product without even seeing it. However, they want to experience the same satisfaction they do when buying at the stores. That is: fast delivery, error-free, easy and friendly return policies, great after sales service and the cherry on the cake: personalization. In sum: customers demand for a high quality of service!

We may be techies but we all agree on something: there is no (at least yet!) great quality of service that is 100% automated. And we are decades away from that reality. Therefore, people need to understand technology is here to help having better lives. We have to use it to augment our intelligence and to do better!

Tech’s role on a smarter logistics

In logistics, technology can play a huge role in several areas. There are several R&D projects that have created products to improve the efficiency of the plant by implementing robots that bring shelves to people, or augment picking velocity through wearables (glasses, smartwatches), or to have a 24×7 after sales service, etc.

When we look to the future, we see the activity of logistics to be really different. And it is our belief this will happen in two separate areas of logistics: management and execution.

Management is the ability to measure, plan and organize every aspect of the operation. Whether it is through the optimization of stock’s availability (through stock management, procurement, unloading trucks, receiving, replenishment, etc), the maximization of delivering on time to customers, guaranteeing there’s always resources (human or physical) to accomplish the work, etc.

Execution is the ability to execute what is planned, efficiently, accurately, and in an easy way.

None of these areas can be fully automated yet. Thus, people are needed in both areas. Nevertheless, technology can play a big role on both areas and optimize the overall activity of the company. It is true, though, that the role to be played by technology is different in each one of them. How? Continue the reading to know how we believe it is going to happen.

How can technology improve efficiency in logistics?

Several activities have been disrupted by technology in the last 5 to 10 years. Logistics is no exception. The best example of that is Amazon, of course. The way they’ve incorporated tech in their operation is amazing. Despite what the public may think, people are not dispensable even for Amazon!

Working as Amazon is not possible for every company. They have invested billions of dollars on R&D to improve customer experience and to make their operations as efficient as possible. We believe there is a huge gap between the level of efficiency and customer experience companies have and the one Amazon does. Therefore, LogisticsWMS aims to help fulfilling that gap. We want to help every company to leverage their customer experience and operational efficiency, despite not being a logistics service provider nor having the capital to invest as Amazon did!

On one hand it is possible to plan better. Knowing what there’s to be done as soon as possible, which constraints are there, managing expectations, availabilities, urgencies, dependencies, skills, etc is a hell of a challenge. Consider all of these (and the other hundred variables) and get to the optimal outcome, maximizing your efficiency and customer satisfaction! Now, if you have the (right) information and have defined what your decision-making criterias are, don’t you think a computer can run an algorithm and tell you what to do and when and by whom? And in milliseconds!

On the other hand, it is very important that your plan is accomplished. To do that, every person needs to know which tasks are assigned to him/her, what is the estimated duration of each task, is he/she working at the right pace, are your customers’ expectations being met, does he/she know where is the product (with a high accuracy rate) or does he/she need to be around finding the product? Shouldn’t your information system tells you where to go, which product to pick, validating every step of the way? Shouldn’t you leave paper behind and work entirely on a PC, mobile scanner, smartphone or tablet? Only this way you can accurately measure performance, generate data used by the system to help your employees perform better!

LogisticsWMS: 100% cloud & AI powered

Now that you know what we believe in, you know what we are up to. We are developing a warehouse management (and execution) system that will augment your team’s capabilities to do better. You don’t need high investment, nor great knowledge in IT. We care for simplicity, having great focus on the user experience. Only this way it is possible to improve efficiency every day.

We believe planning should be the heart of logistics. So, LogisticsWMS is designed to automatically plan the work for your employees. It will learn along the way in order to predict better and better what your team can and cannot do. Thus, you will have time and know beforehand if you need to manage any expectations. You will have more time to build better relationships with your partners.

We will work together to create a better customer experience and a smarter logistics for everyone! Count on us! 💪

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